My Catholic Table

The Catholic Table This is a story about a table. It begins, in the early years of the twentieth century, when a young immigrant couple from Czechoslovakia bought a home in the Duquesne neighborhood of Pittsburgh. The neighborhood was a bustling one then, filled with Catholics from around the world. For six days, the men […]

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The X factor

Originally posted on Meditatio Ephemera:
The first double-digit run in a training regimen carries a lot of psychic weight for a runner; it occupies an outsized space in the mind while — at least for me, now  — moving the body into the realm of serious mileage. I wasn’t looking forward to tackling the distance this morning.…

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Licensed to “I Don’t Give a Shit”

Originally posted on Punch Drunk Village:
I’m turning OLD this year. But I’m taking it all quite well, really. There are benefits to aging of course. Social benefits, for example. And one in particular I find quite tantalizing. Since I’ve always been a tad socially-reckless — over-sharing, stirring the pot, making listeners squirm — what I’m most looking forward to with turning old is…

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