First Experiences of Developing Black and White Film

Transient Eye

Barcelona SOS - Black and White Film Photograph

After much trepidation, I finally processed a set of films at home – and surprisingly, they seem to have come out reasonably well. These were all taken using Ilford HP5+ and the Zeiss Sonnar lens (the softness in the first shot is from shooting the lens wide-open with a ND filter stack – not the processing!).

I expected that the most difficult part would be loading the film in to the spiral and tank. This has to be done in complete dark, and I used a large bag rather than a dark room. The practice run at doing this was a complete disaster, resulting in the film coming off the spiral and crumpling up badly enough to crease (I am not good at anything mechanical…). However, four of the five films that I put through loaded perfectly first time – and although the fifth jammed, I managed to open up…

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